I Just Don’t Care And You’re All Idiots If You Do

Please stop pretending that you don’t care about your social media likes.

Recently, I have seen a lot of people post on their social media accounts about how they think anyone who is even cognizant of the likes or approval they get on social media is pathetic and how they themselves are just too busy to care about social media. “I just don’t care about Facebook,” posted one of my “friends” ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE. Please take a seat.

Social media has sucked us all in. It has become a daily routine for everyone I know. Can we just admit that WE ALL at least sometimes use it for validation?

Everyone cares. If say you don’t care, you care even more. And if you truly don’t care, then why do you post anything at all? Why don’t you just share all of your thoughts in a diary with a lock and key? And then hope that your little brother doesn’t break the lock off and share with all of your friends that you think Eric from Mr. Wenzel’s class is “fine.”

Side note: For those who may be asking, “What’s the big deal. You only said he was satisfactory and/or of high quality?” The big deal is that in the 90’s, fine was the equivalent to today’s fire emoji. Back then, no one said hot or equated fire with anything but death and destruction. And if Eric had been described as fiiiiiine that would be more than 3 fire emojis in today’s terms. And for the record, I no longer think that Eric is fine. I’m sure he grew up to be a very nice, productive citizen, but I’m so over him.

Basically we all care. We do. It’s too late to be so sanctimonious.

We’re hooked. We crave the reactions of strangers, friends, “friends”, enemies and those we only followed or accepted a friend request from because we were too afraid to deny them. i.e. some coworkers, family and acquaintances.

We post because we want people to feel some way about us. Even when we post mean things, we’re still searching for a reaction and even approval. We post to brag. We post for the emotional support. We post because we’re either proud of what we have or proud to admit what we don’t have. We post to show how smart we think we are. We post for validation. And when no one likes our posts, we wonder if everyone is dead. Literally. IT’s weird and it’s rude. No status (of mine) should go unliked.


“I just don’t care that much about what other people are doing,” wrote another “friend” of mine ON HIS FACEBOOK STATUS. Wrong! Whether we want to admit it or not, we use social media because we care about what people are doing. That’s why we stalk people online. Anyone who says they’ve never used Facebook or Instagram to stalk an ex, a celebrity, a family member, a current friend, a former friend or someone you hope catches fire (the 90’s kind) is either A. Lying and B. Using the internet incorrectly.

So I’ll admit it. I care about the likes. I care about what others are doing even though I wish I didn’t. I care if people like me or don’t like me. And sometimes it really depresses me. Don’t judge me because of my admission. Instead join my honesty team and admit that at least part of you does too.

PS…Please like this. xo


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