6 Creative Ways To Discuss Your Mental Illness On The First Date

So what if it’s the first date? It’s time that we all start being honest with one another about our emotions and mental health. And it’s even better to get it out-of-the-way on the first date. So here are 6 creative ways to tell him or her about your mental illness right away!

1. Bipolar: Before the date, make arrangements with the restaurant to deliver a cake to the table that reads, SURPRISE, I LOVE YOU!  i hate you. I’M PREGNANT! nothing matters. LET’S GET MARRIED! leave me alone, asshole.

2. OCD: Invite him over to your place so that you can Netflix and count each one of his eyelashes. And when you’re finished, make sure to wash your hands until they bleed.

3Agoraphobia: When he picks you up, tell him that you haven’t left your apartment in 2 years and now neither can he.

4Panic Disorder: Stand on his chest while yelling, “This is what it feels like to be me!”

5Borderline Personality Disorder: While at dinner, use the cutlery to carve into the table, “I have Borderline Personality Disorder and it’s all your fault.”

6. Major Depression: You can’t get out of bed so send your therapist to the date in your place. It may be a higher copay, but it’ll be worth it if they hit it off.


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