6 Best Jobs For People With Depression

You’re depressed, but unfortunately, you still have to make money. Working is very difficult when experiencing a major depressive episode. Believe me, I know. So here’s a list of jobs that work with your depression.

  1. Sleep Study Participant


You can’t get out of bed anyway so why not get paid for it.

2. Poet


Art is subjective; therefore there’s always someone who will be willing buy your crappy iambic pentameter.

3. Unemployment


Sometimes it pays not to work.

4. Mental Health Blogger


Once you start making money, tell me how!

5. House Sitter


Why should your house get all the depression? Get paid to spread your tears elsewhere. Preferably somewhere with a  full fridge, a cute cat and a whirlpool bathtub. 

6. Sell Your Stuff


You’re only going to throw it, break it or start it on fire anyway.


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