6 Fun Responses When Someone Calls You Crazy

Some will throw the crazy label at you as an insult. It’s never fun to be called crazy, but that doesn’t mean your response to it can’t be fun.

Here are 6 FUN ways to respond when someone calls you crazy:

1. YOU ARE! This is an oldie, but a goodie. It worked in 6th grade so why can’t it work when you’re 30.

2. Thank you! It never hurts to be polite. Like my mom always says, “Kill em with kindness, or a knife. But preferably with kindness.”


3. I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and now you can’t have any of my Xanax. They’ll be sorry when they realize that you were considering sharing your meds, but now that pill bottle is closed.

4. That’s not what your dad said last night…in our group therapy session. Hit them with a yo daddy joke. They’ll never see it coming and most likely their parents are in therapy because their kid is an asshole.

5. Wanna make-out? Hey, you never know. Maybe he or she is just trying to get the attention of your tongue in their mouth.


6. The sanest people are the ones who admit they’re crazy. Ain’t this the truth! Everyone is crazy. We live in a crazy world and it’s bound to rub off on us. Self-awareness is the key to sanity.




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