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Hello New Friends!

I’m Joleen Lunzer. I have Bipolar II, anxiety and the occasional bout of OCD. (Hold on I have to make sure I turned the oven off…for the 43rd time.) Okay, I’m back.

I’m a stand-up comedian and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. I have a cat named Tilly, a husband named Xchel, a port wine stain birthmark on my back and I’m a proud Buffy The Vampire Slayer Enthusiast.

I recently created a comedy web series called, Bipolar Becky that you can check out HERE.  I also dabble in commercial acting. And by dabble, I mean you may have seen me in ONE Weight Watchers commercial for a split second. I’m the lady checking out her butt in a mirror. I like to refer to myself as a successful asstress. And I’d like to thank copious amounts of Skittles for all the junk in my trunk. Did I mention I love Skittles?

Moody Gurl  is a seriously funny conversation about mental health. We use humor to promote mental health awareness and break the stigma attached to mental illness. Truth and comedy will set us free!

Moody Gurl’s Motto: Live, Laugh, Cry. The goal is to be a resource for those who have been affected by mental health conditions and be a voice for those who feel silenced. Our writers share funny, true and satirical stories about mental health.

Moody Gurl believes that those of us who admit we’re crazy, are the sanest ones of all. 


If you like to submit an article, please email palegurlcomedy@gmail.com. No attachments. Please include article in the body of the email. All submissions will be carefully considered and you will be notified if we decide to publish it.

Now I’m off to check the oven again.


Joleen Lunzer (Editor-in-Chief)

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